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On September 9, 2011, WKA was honored to have our friend, hero, and WKA alumnus Lance Corporal Kyle Carpenter deliver a powerful message to our entire school. Last November Kyle took the full blast from a grenade while attempting to save the life of his good friend. 

Kyle left us with two powerful thoughts. First to appreciate everything that God has blessed us with from taking time to appreciate beautiful sunsets to being able to acquire an education, including test days.

Secondly Kyle stressed the importance of never losing hope.  Believing in God and His plan for his life and the love of Kyle's friends and strangers praying for his recovery has helped and will continue to help pull him through. God has worked through Kyle's difficult experience to inspire and encourage others.

Coach Jolly Doolittle introduced Kyle with these words: One of my favorite Bible verses is 1 Samuel 16:7 which says, "Do not consider his appearance or his height, for I have rejected him. The Lord does not look at the things man looks at. Man looks at the outward appearance but God looks at the heart." Anybody that knows Kyle carpenter knows that his heart is second to none. Things that would rock nearly all people, Kyle has stared in the face with courage not fear. When most would be weak, Kyle has showed power. Where most would be resentful, Kyle has showed love. Where most would seek dependence, Kyle has been self-reliant and disciplined. After High School, Kyle joined the Marine Corps where their motto is Semper Fidelis, which means Always Faithful. Kyle has remained faithful to God, Country, Corps, Family, Friends, and School. You have earned these titles and these are your forever.  Marine, Friend, Warrior, Brother, Knight, and Hero.



Medal of Honor Recipient Kyle Carpenter

Class of 2008


Retired Marine Lance Corporal Kyle Carpenter was awarded the Medal of Honor in June 2014. Kyle is the eighth living recipient to be awarded the Medal of Honor for his courageous actions in Iraq. He and his family joined the President at the White House to commemorate his example of selfless service. Kyle's humble spirit has blessed us all. He accepted this award for all past and present military members, for what they have done and continue to do for all of us and our freedom. In the words of Kyle, "It took a life-changing event to get me to truly appreciate the precious and amazing life I have been blessed with. Please take it from me, enjoy every day to the fullest, don't take life too seriously, always try to make it count, appreciate the small and simple things, be kind and help others, let the ones you love always know you love them, and when things get hard trust there is a bigger plan and that you will be stronger for it." We love you Kyle and greatly appreciate your service to our country. You and your journey have touched our lives forever!






The Buzhardt's - Part of our King Family for 40 Years


In 1972, Mr. T. W. and Mrs. Joyce Buzhardt donated the land to begin Wyman King Academy. Mr. T. W. served on the original Board of Trustees and his father, Hugh, was an advisor. Their early efforts were instrumental in the shaping of our school into a loving, Christian environment which has prepared hundreds of students to face the challenges of life.


T. W. and Joyce have five children. Their oldest boys, Troy and Hughie, graduate from B & L High School before King Academy was founded. Angela (75), Baron (77), and Daryl (87) graduated from King Academy.  Fortunately  for us, all of their children have been heavily involved in the growth of WKA.


Troy and his wife Bobbye have served our school in many capacities since 1974. Bobbye started teaching at WKA in 1974 and in 1993 became our Guidance Counselor and Assistant Headmaster. She has been with WKA for a total of 38 years. Troy has served on the Board of Trustees since 1979. During his tenure, he has been Chairman and Treasurer. Troy and Bobbye's three children, Scott (94), Matt (97), and Robin (00), all graduated from WKA. They currently have three grandchildren, Cooper, Colton, and Lyla in our elementary school program. Robin's husband, Michael Kinard, volunteers as a JV Boys Basketball and Baseball Assistant Coach.


Hughie's four children, twin Misty (91) and Mandy (91), Brit (97), and Deven (98), all graduated from King Academy.


Angela (75) has two children, Allyson (01) and Libby (06) who both graduated from King Academy.  Allyson is married to Daniel Bartley. Daniel graduated from WKA in 1999 and is currently volunteering as our JV Boys Basketball Head Coach. Libby is married to Austin Shull.  He is a 2007 graduate of WKA.


Baron (77) married the former Kim Smith who graduated from King Academy in 1977.


Daryl (87) and his wife Pamela have three children, Carson (11th Grade), Ben (8th Grade), and Emme (4th Grade), who are currently enrolled at King Academy. Daryl has served on the since 2003 and Pamela has ben involved with our Parents Association and volunteers in various ways on a regular basis.


King Academy has been blessed to have this dedicated family give freely of their time and talents for the improvement of our school.




Terry & Lisa Brown

Class of 1974


"As students, graduates, parents, and faculty, we have been involved at King Academy since 1972. We had the privilege to be a part of the initial building of the school.  We will always remember the dedicated, hard working parents that gave willingly of their time, money, and love to build King Academy. That same dedication is alive and well today as parents, faculty, and staff continue to work together for the success of all King Academy students.


Our children are graduates of King, Leigh Brown (1997) and Erin Brown (2002). I (Lisa) have been a member of the staff at King since 1986 (29 Years). The Brown family agrees that it is truly a blessing to be members of the King Academy Family." -Lisa Brown-