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King Academy is a family oriented organization. We are all about our young people, but the prayer support, encouragement, volunteer work, and financial support our parents and grandparents give are vital to the operation of our school. Without everyone working together we would not be able to fulfill our mission. Thanks for all you do!

2020-21 Metts Family Image | Parents
"When it was time for our girls to enroll in school, we knew that we wanted something different. At the time, we did not know exactly what "different" was going to be, but when we visited King Academy for the first time many years ago, it felt right. When our girls were young, we would drop them off every morning and never worry about their safety or level of care. We knew that they were in good hands and that there was an entire family of teachers, administrators, and staff at King Academy who knew each child by name. They took care of and loved them just like we would. And most importantly, our girls were growing up in a learning environment that was rooted in Christian faith. Academically, students are provided the tools and opportunities to excel while at WKA. Hands down, if we had it to do all over again, we would choose King Academy." ~The Craig Metts Family~
2020-21 Thompson Family Image | Parents

"During a house hunting trip to South Carolina in 2012, we decided to visit King Academy to see if it would be the right school for our grandchildren. We were greeted by a great team of administrators who were obviously devoted members of the King family. They shared the vision of the school with us and assured us that our grands would be loved, educated, and welcomed to King Academy. Eight years later we can truly say that the WKA team was totally correct. We can think of no other place that we would choose to have our grandchildren attend. Thank you King Academy!" ~The Ike Thompson Family~