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If you have a child enrolled at King Academy then you are a member of the Parents' Association. There are two "big" Parents' Association meetings each year. The first one occurs in August and it outlines the plans for the coming school year. It is also a time for parents to meet the teachers and find out about their children's classes for the year. The second meeting is in April where preliminary plans for the next school year are discussed and elections for Parents' Association officers, Booster Club officers and Board members take place. Even though there are only two meetings scheduled, the Parents' Association is very active supporting the programs of the school and providing special activities such as the Harvest Carnival, Teacher Appreciation Days, and so on. All parents are encouraged to take an active part in this organization.



Easy WKA Fundraisers
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Charleston Wrap

 Charleston Wraps has simply the highest quality gift wrap and products in the industry. The Kitchen and Home brochure includes an awesome selection of hot items like tote bags, kitchen fun, outdoor grilling, healthy choices, stainless steel utensils, storage keepers, microwave helpers, and so much more.




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Bi-Lo Booster Plus

WKA receives money when you use your Bi-Lo Bonuscard.  You will need to get a Booster Plus enrollment form and have the cashier scan your Bonuscard and the bar code on the enrollment form.  You can use last year's enrollment form, but you must re-enroll every year which has already started as of June 1, so get your card scanned now!  You can get an enrollment card any time at the school office or at registration.



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General Mills Box Tops for Education

When you purchase any General Mills products, simply cut off the "Box Tops for Education" labels from the products and turn them into the school.  Every label counts.  The class with the most labels receives an ice cream party so make sure to write your child's grade on your bag or envelope!  You can also earn cash for the school by shopping  at the Box Tops marketplace online at boxtops4education.com/marketplace.  There are over 200 stores to choose from such as Old Navy, Lands End, Oriental Trading, Staples, etc. 



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Coke Rewards

Collect Coke Rewards codes and turn them into the school or create your own account online, submit your codes, and request the points be given to WKA.  Rewards codes are found on all Coke productgs, either on bottle caps or other packaging.  Check out the website at www.mycokrewards.com.


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Tyson Project A+

Save the Project A+ labels from Tyson products and turn them into the school.  Each Tyson label is worth 24 cents to WKA.  We must have 100 labels to send in each time, so remember every label counts.  Please remember to write your child's grade on your bag or envelope.


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Target's Take Charge or Education

When you make a purchase with your Target Visa card or Target card, tell the cashier to give WKA the credit or give the cashier the WKA ID# 15788, and Target will make a cash donation to the school.  If you shop online, you can sign your card up to give the credit to WKA.


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Publix Partner's Program

Please stop by the office and pick up a Publix Partners card to use when you shop at Publix.  Each dollar spent means cash for WKA!


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Ink Jet Cartridge Collection

Save your used ink jet catridges and bring them to the school office (in a ziploc bag please).  We receive cash when we send them in for recycling!


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Campbell's Labels for Education

Save the UPC labels for Campbell's products and turn them into the school.  Campbell's program helps WKA earn free merchandise.  Every label counts.  Don't forget to write your child's grade on your bag or envelope.


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Mixed Bags Fundraiser

Mixed Bags Designs are reusable bags made from woven polypropylene - 10-40% of the bags are recycled from post consumer use.  The bags are so strong because they are woven with plastic fibers, and this is why they can embroider directly on to the bags.  The bags can hold up to 50 pounds.